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Body Waxing

If you have sensitive skin, you can stop by for a patch test. Fine hair should be a minimum of a quarter-inch long to consider waxing, and coarse hair should be a minimum of a half-inch. Clients using Retin A, Accutane, Glycolic Acid, or Alpha Hydroxide Treatments should stop using them for at least a week before your wax appointment. They can make the skin fragile causing the wax to take off layers of skin. In this case the facial hairs can be tweezed. Hormonal Shifts can cause discomfort before, during and after your period

Full Face: $38.00
Brow Shaping: $12.00
Ears: $8.00
Nose: $10.00
Cheeks: Starting at $12.00
Upper Lip: $8.00
Chin: $8.00
Full Arms: $40.00
Underarms: $17.00
Lower Arms: $20.00
Fingers: $10.00
Full Legs: Starting at $65.00
Lower Legs: $40.00
Toes: $10.00
Neck: $12.00
Chest: Starting at $40.00
Back: Starting at $40.00
Abdomen Line: $20.00
Bikini: Starting at $35.00